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The Rose All-Stars

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It's safe to say that we are OG rose fans.  Before Rick Ross, Sacha Lichine, and White Girl Rose, James was sipping on that pink at Breeze Bar in Mykonos throughout the 90's.

Let's cut through the over-marketed, too-cute deluge of bottles of rose at your local wine shop - these are the true MVPs.  Final word of wisdom: Rose is NOT just for the summer.  Make summer a state of mind and enjoy it year round.

Chateau de Pampelonne

Named for legendary beach on the French Riviera, this international favorite is crafted in classic Provence style by a female winemaker.

Perfect For:  The Provence Purist

Pairs With: Grilled tuna steaks with olive tapenade 

Chateau des Marres

The only wine boasting the St. Tropez appellation, this aperitif-friendly wine has notes of ocean breeze and strawberries.

Perfect For:  The Name Dropper

Pairs With:  Heirloom Crudite with Bagna Cauda

Biblia Chora Estate Unknown Varietal 

Created from a varietal recently discovered on Mt. Pangeon, this rosado-style wine has a Sauvignon Blanc-esque flavor profile. 

Perfect For: The Know-It-All

Pairs With:  Local Fluke Crudo, Fresh Oysters, Grilled Branzino

Clos Alivu Rose

Considered the most prestigious wine from the Mediterranean island of Corsica, this organic wine is floral, subtle and elegant.

Perfect For:  The Session Drinker

Pairs With:  Linguine alle Vongole, Greek Salad with Arahova Feta

La Spinetta Il Rose di Casanova

This medium bodied, spicy Tuscan rose is made with indigenous yeast, giving it a wild and complex finish.

Perfect For: The Year-Round Rose Drinker

Pairs With:  Whole Roasted Lamb, Spicy Kafteri Dip